“Dear Dreamer”

Dear Dreamer is a response to the Trump administration's threats to end DACA. The song is both a personal reflection and a public call-to-action.

Music Video

"Dear Dreamer" is a documentary style music video that features a day in the life of three real-life DACA recipients.  Special thanks to Edwin, Jung Rae, Beatriz, and their families and friends, for their generosity and bravery. 

Featuring: Beatriz Hidalgo, Edwin Andres Martinez Muñoz, and Jung Rae Jang

Director: Mateo Marquez / Director of Photography: Mike Gialloreto / Editor: Zachai Kalet-Schwartz / 1st AC: Austin Mulhern / Sound Design: Roni Pillischer 

Music Producer: Ariel Arellano / Band: Alexander Kazanecki, Ariel Arellano, Brianna Leary, Ryan Cole /  Mixing Engineer: Ariel Arellano / Mastering Engineer: Rafael Santiago

© Pam Reyes Music, 2018.